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All politics are local, and when a well-meaning local ordinance change was passed  which had unintended consequences, I knew I needed to get involved.  Those unintended consequences involved taking away private property rights, and the compliance costs for property owners would have been in the tens of thousands of dollars.

With my kids in a wagon and petitions in my hand, I went door to door and soon had a team of people working together to overturn the ordinance.  That success showed us the impact a few determined people can have. I've continued my quest to see that the taxpayers are being represented in government, at the local level as a member of the Township Board, as Treasurer, and as a Fire Authority Board member.

My approach to making decisions once elected to the Michigan House of Representatives will be based on 4 questions.  First, does the constitution (federal and state) permit it?  Second, is it government’s responsibility? Third, will it benefit Michigan’s residents?  And finally, can Michigan’s taxpayers afford it?  Answering these questions will provide me a consistent approach when making decisions.



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