Theis opposes legislation that allows Capitol expansion projects to happen quietly

State Rep. Lana Theis today voted no on legislation which includes open-ended language she believes could allow for unnecessary expansion projects outside of the original scope of intended renovations for the State Capitol building.

“I want the Legislature to be forthright about what the intentions for these Capitol improvement projects,” said Theis, R-Brighton. “The language in the legislation is too broad and I want to ensure we are being cautious with how the taxpayer dollars are being spent.”

Theis offered a substitution to the legislation which would have removed the open-ended language and laid out the specific types of projects on which Capitol renovation dollars could be spent. The substitution was not adopted by the committee, and Theis therefore voted against the legislation.

“I do not disagree that our State Capitol building has major mechanical and electrical improvement projects which need to happen, but I cannot support the unrestricted parameters of this legislation.” Theis said.

Despite Theis’ opposition, House Bills 6047-6048 were passed by the House Committee on Oversight and Ethics and now heads to the Michigan House of Representatives for further consideration.

(For Release on December 1, 2016)