Justice Bob Young, Former Chief Justice of Michigan Supreme Court

Mike Bishop, Congressman, Michigan's 8th District

Nikki Snyder, Member of the State Board of Education

Hank Vaupel, State Representative, 47th District

Speaker Tom Leonard, Speaker of the House, 93rd District

Joe Bellino, State Representative, 17th District

Beau LaFave, State Representative, 108th

Lee Chatfield, 107th District

Julie Alexander, State Representative, 64th District

Bronna Khale, State Representative, 57th Distict

Triston Cole, State Representative, 105th District

Gary Glenn, State Representative, 98th District

Tom Barrett, State Representative, 71st District

Steve Johnson, State Representative, 72nd District

Aaron Miller, State Representative, 59th District

Jeff Noble, State Representative, 20th District

Mary Whiteford, State Representative, 80th District

Michelle Hoitenga, State Representative, 102nd District



Mike Murphy, Livingston County Sheriff

Jeff Warder, Livingston County Under Sheriff

Jennifer Nash, Livingston County Treasurer

Brian Jonckheere, Livingston County Drain Commissioner

Brandon Denby, Livingston County Register of Deeds

Bill Vailliencourt, Livingston County Prosecuting Attorney

Kate Lawrence, Livingston County Commissioner

Donald Parker, County Commissioner (Chair of the Commission)

Bob Bezotte, Livingston County Commissioner

Douglas Helzerman, Livingston County Commissioner

Carol Griffith, Livingston County Commissioner

Dave Domas, Livingston County Commissioner

Gary Childs, Livingston County Commissioner

Patrick Michel, Supervisor of Brighton Township

Bob Hanvey, Supervisor of Marion Township

Ann Bollin, Clerk of Brighton Township

Rose Drouillard, Treasurer of Brighton Township

Robin Hunt, Treasurer of Genoa Township

Lance Schuhmacher, Oceola Township Trustee

Harold Melton, Howell Township Trustee

John Conely, Member of the Brighton School Board

Andy Pless, Chief of Howell Area Fire Department



Julie and Mike Corrigan, Owners of Corrigan Oil

Kathy & Stephen Davis, Owners of Advance Craft Home Builders

Michael Hall, President/CEO of Cobb-Hall Insurance

Meghan & Mark Reckling, Owners of Victory Graphics and Consulting, LLC.

Jay Drick

Marcia Dicks

Tyler Hammock

Debra Hawk

Kamille & Robert Karlson

David Grissom

Sharon and Marco Lollio

Bill McCririe

Neal Nielsen

Tammy & Joseph Olson

Scott and Jennifer Panning

Connie Robinson

Alicia & Joseph Urbain

Dan and Lisa Schifko

Chuck Stockwell

Jennifer & Rick Thie

David Walker

Cindy Pine

Jeffrey Pfeifer

Andy Anuzis

Anna Belser

Dan Boss, Owner of Boss Engineering

Dennis and Melanie Brewer

James Chain, CEO of Chain Industries

Tim Christoson, Pastor of Bible Baptist Church

Stephen and Tammy Davis, Owners of Advance Craft Home Building

Steve and Patty Gronow, Owners of Chestnut Development

Kurt and Dawn Gallenger

Robert Gardella

Ronda Hawkins

Mary and Gary Helffman, Owners of A-1 Rental

Michael Hignite

J. Michael Lenninger

Jason and Heather Huntley, Archer and Huntley Financial Services

Kamille Karlson

Rick Merrill

Buddy Moorehouse

Wes Nakagiri

Mike O'Brian

Joe Riker, Livingston County Veteran's Services Board Member

Kimberly and Kevin Rocheleau

Dr. Chad Savage

Nancy Scoble

Paula Seiter

Mary Kay Shields

Kevin Spicher, Owner of Spicher Services

Todd Spitler

Scott and Heather Spitler

Denise Thornton

Katy Todd

David Walker, Owner of Hartland Insurance 

Bill Anderson

Joellen Pisarczyk

Val Tillstrom

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