Meet Lana


Since January of 2015, Lana has served as State Representative for the 42nd district representing the City of Brighton and the townships of Brighton, Genoa, Green Oak, Hamburg and Putnam. Prior to being elected as state representative she served as the Treasurer of Brighton Township from 2008-2014. She also served as chairman of the Brighton Area Fire Authority, the Livingston County Republican Party and the Livingston County Treasurers Association; and was a member of the Brighton Township Planning Commission. 

She graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a Bachelor's degree in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. Lana and her husband, Sam live in Brighton Township and have two children. 

Lana currently serves as Chair of the House Insurance Committee, Vice-Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, and is a member of the House Regulatory Reform and the Law and Justice Committee. She also served as a member of the House Local Government, Financial Services, and Oversight and Ethics Committees. 



As a state representative, Lana continues to honor the principles she first ran on. She is a leader who does what is right, even when it means standing up to special interest groups or the establishment. 

Lana voted against raising our gas taxes and increasing our vehicle registration fees. She also voted in favor of lowering our income taxes, and opposed legislation which gave big tax breaks to businesses. Lana supported legislation creating transparency in the Michigan Legislature and Executive branch, similar to the Michigan Freedom of Information Act. 

Her number one priority has been fighting to reduce our auto insurance rates. She introduced diverse legislation increasing the protections for minors who become victims of sexual assault, encouraging mothers to choose life, protecting law enforcement officers, reducing unnecessary government regulations and licenses and ensuring that we have the right to defend ourselves, our families, and our property. She also continues to fight for our 2nd Amendment rights. 

Lana Theis is a conservative leader who fights for traditional values; and as our state senator she will continue to work hard for her residents.