Lana's Results

Reached over 20,000 Constituents via Coffee Hours and Teletownhalls

Since taking office, Lana has spoken with xx constituents via tele-townhalls & monthly coffee hours. These events all her to hear directly from her constituents and discuss a broad range of issues affecting our district.

Completed over 5,000 Constituent Service Cases

Lana and her staff are laser-focused on casework for Livingston and Washtenaw County residents. They have successfully addressed and closed thousands of constituent cases with state agencies.

Participated in over 1,500 District Stops and Events

The 22nd Senate District covers all of Livingston County and the Western portion of Washtenaw County. Lana has been able to attend over xxx events across the district since taking office. 

Responded to over 60,000 Constitutent Letters

Accessibility and transparency have been key priorities for Lana while serving in the MI Senate, which is why she has responded to over xxxx letters and emails from residents addressing their concerns and answering their questions.

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Reformed Auto Insurance to Provide Choice and Lower Rates

Lana proudly supported reforms to Michigan's Auto No-Fault insurance system, which created consumer choice and lowered rates for drivers. This reform is a significant win for drivers throughout Michigan.

Protected Minor Victims of Sexual Assault 

Lana is committed to protecting the most vulnerable among us, which is why she sponsored and passed legislation that helped protect minors who become the victim of sexual assault at school.

Standing Up Against the Governor's Unilateral Overreach

Lana understands that the US Constitution outlines three separate but equal branches of government. That's why she introduced, and passed, legislation to limit the Michigan Department of Health and Human Service's ability to unilaterally issue repeated public health orders. 

Protecting Our Second Amendment Rights

Throughout her time in public service, Lana has strongly supported the Second Amendment. She was proud to sponsor legislation that mandates County Clerk issue Concealed Pistol Licenses. She also co-sponsored and passed other critical legislation on behalf of law-adibing citizens looking to responsibly exercise their Constitutional right to protect themselves, their families, and their property.


Supported Government Transparency and Accountability

FOIA stuff here.

Worked to Re-establish Integrity in Our Election's System

Our republic fails without election results that are an accurate representation of the vote.  Every citizen deserves to have faith in the integrity of the election process and its outcome. It is Lana's responsibility as elected public servants, to assure the people of Michigan of the process's integrity through complete transparency and the faithful investigation of any allegations of wrongdoing, fraud, or abuse.

Protecting the Sanctity of Life


Fought to Protect the Most Vulnerable Among Us: Our Seniors

Text here on COVID and seniors in nursing homes.

Helping Those Who Served

Veteran's OMA bill here. 

Defending Those Who Keep Us Safe Here at Home

Text here about supporting law enforcement and public safety. 

Fighting the Teacher Shortage for our Special Education Students

Our Special Education students deserve the best, and that's why Lana sponsored and passed Legislation ensuring that Special Education students can have a ___. 

Expanding Broadband Access 

The COVID-19 crisis has shown us how important Broadband access really is. From work to school, families throughout Michigan need better and access to broadband internet. Lana has worked with colleagues in the House and Senate to help expand broadband access in both Livingston and Washtenaw Counties.


Stood Strong Against Tax increases

Road tax and other tax items here.

Opposed Unfair Government Handouts for Businesses

Oversight stuff here.  

Protected Our Property Rights and Local Control

Opposing 431 - Gravel Mining Here

Ensuring Proper Care of Our Veterans

Veterans Nursing Home Oversight Here


Reducing the Government Burdens Through Occupational Licensing Reforms

Occp. Licensing info here.

Supporting Our Local Community

4-H info and others here. 

Criminal Justice Reforms

Stuff about that here.

Helping Small Businesses During COVID-19

Info here.

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