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Teachers’ union, state superintendent pushing critical race theory while denying it exists

State Sen. Lana Theis, R-Brighton, issued the following statement on Thursday, calling on state education leaders to stop the spread of critical race theory in Michigan’s classrooms:

“Despite objections from political leftists, critical race theory is a real and present danger to Michigan’s K-12 students. Its adherents continue to deny it to the public, but in practice, groups like the National Education Association and leaders like State Superintendent Michael Rice are advancing its teachings whether they call it critical race theory or not.

“It is true that, officially, critical race theory is not a part of the state’s K-12 required academic curricula, and I introducedSenate Bill 460 to ensure that it never will be. But, while pointing to that fact, Rice, the NEA and others are also encouraging the state’s educators to teach it anyway.

“One needn’t look any further than Rice’s recent letter to the State Board of Education or the upcoming NEA Teacher Quality Webinars, during which participants will receive training on ‘dismantling the structures, policies and implicit biases that prop up white privilege,’ and on ‘confronting white nationalism in the classroom.’

“Make no mistake: From the halls of colleges and universities to the C-suites of corporate America and now, in our children’s classrooms, this woke agenda is spreading a damaging false narrative of our country and its history and it must be stopped.”



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