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Theis bill prohibits state from requiring youth to get COVID-19 vaccine

A bill introduced on Tuesday by Sen. Lana Theis would prohibit the Department of Health and Human Services from requiring minors to receive a COVID-19 vaccination under emergency public health orders.

“The past year has shown just how much power the state has to control our lives, even despite our objections,” said Theis, R-Brighton. “It’s therefore important that we do everything we can to protect parents’ right to choose what is best for their children and families. The state shouldn’t be able to require a minor to get a COVID-19 vaccine, nor should having a vaccine be conditional for youth to attend school or anything else, for that matter. This is entirely a decision that should be made by families alone.”

In addition to prohibiting DHHS from issuing emergency public health orders that require minors to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, Senate Bill 457 would also prohibit local public health departments from issuing the same type of order.



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