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Michigan Board of Education goes woke, adopts pro-CRT resolution.

The State Board of Education on Tuesday adopted a resolution opposing a bill sponsored by Sen. Lana Theis that would ban critical race theory, a radical political agenda to indoctrinate Michigan children with anti-American falsehoods, from Michigan’s K-12 curriculum, and outright supported teaching the theory in the state’s classrooms.

Theis, R-Brighton, who chairs the Senate Education and Career Readiness Committee, issued the following statement on Wednesday in response:

Senate Bill 460 and its companion, House Bill 5097, seek nothing more than the true teaching of our country’s history in our schools, warts and all. It does not allow outright lies, and history taken out of context to brainwash our children against America. These bills would prohibit the radical critical race theory agenda from spreading falsehoods to our children about the origins of our country.

“With this legislation in place, history classes will tell the truth about slavery, but will also tell another truth, that our children, regardless of ethnicity or background, have a better opportunity for success in the U.S. than any other country in history. The truth about our nation’s history will encourage those who have come from a bad situation to have a dream, and work to achieve their goals rather than give up. They will know that success can be attained in America. This differs from any other country in the history of the world. Teaching history accurately allows our children to see truth — the good and the bad — rather than allow them to be lied to and made to feel themselves as victims rather than achievers.

“It is revealing that a majority of the State Board of Education, our public education leaders, would choose to characterize our country in such a negative light. I am grateful for the two board members who rejected the resolution and supported our children and our country over woke politics. Parents should read this resolution closely and take note of what the state school board is trying to do to your children.

“I strongly encourage Michigan’s parents to let local school boards know how they feel about the lies being taught to our children and how their constitutional rights to receive a free public education are being harmed by a radical agenda. As we have seen in other states, informed and involved parents can move mountains.”



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