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Theis calls on state’s school boards to respect parents, students on COVID-19 vaccines

Senate Education and Career Readiness Committee Chairwoman Sen. Lana Theis on Monday called on Michigan’s school boards to approve resolutions concerning COVID-19 vaccines at schools.

“No student should ever be denied an education because of some arbitrary government vaccine policy,” said Theis, R-Brighton. “If a family decides that a student will not be receiving a COVID-19 vaccine, that child should be guaranteed an in-person education regardless, and I call on every school board in the state to affirm they will by adopting such a resolution.

“Furthermore, so as not to coerce unsuspecting children into doing something their parents may not want them to do, I also urge school boards to adopt a policy that requires a parent to either be physically present or give express written consent before any vaccines are administered on school property.

“Activists who are part of the education system are missing the point. Schools exist to teach students, not indoctrinate young impressionable minds. Parents have had enough, and it’s time school boards stand up for the people they work for.”



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